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It was a normal day at Gakuen High school and the wind was blowing through your (h/l) (h/c) locks. You were a sophmore and part of your school's pop music club with your friends Bella, Elizaveta, Mei, and Lily. You were sadly the lead guitar and possibly the next lead singer.

Worse part is that Mei, your best friend from elementary school, is writing the lyrics for the song you are suppose to sing.

You let out a tired sigh and headed into the crowded school building. Once you reached your locker, put in your combo, and swung it open for you to grab your books. You already left your precious guitar in the club room so you did not have to carry it everywhere.

Then you took a glance over to the side to see him. A German transfer student that got here last month. He was friends with Mei's older brother Kiku and friends with Feliciano. He had icy blue eyes, slicked back blonde, and really muscular. Definitely German made. His name is Ludwig Beilshmidt.

You knew it was way too early to fall in love, but how could you control your erotic heart beat every time you see him? Your face also becomes as red as a tomato.

Ludwig closes his locker and both his blue eyes and your (e/c) orbs meet. It seemed like the contact lasted for infinity until the five minute bell rang and the blissful contact was broken by both of you.

You were still in a slight daze until you were almost shoved into your locker by the rush of other students. You quickly got your books and slammed your locker shut. Weaving through the crowd was not that hard to get to class. "Just survive till club." you constantly whispered to yourself.

(Time skip!)

The final bell rang and you rushed to your locker. This time, however, your lock was not cooperating and it seemed like forever until it finally came out.

You let out a shaky sigh of relief and crammed all your homework and textbooks in your bag and dashed off to the club room. The club was on the top of the stairs on the second floor so as usual you took the main stair case and practically flew up the stairs.

The club room was in sight and you ran full throttle until you slammed into a brick wall hard. You recoiled and fell on your bum with a loud thump.

"Ow..." you groaned in pain. It hurt like crazy! Who put a wall there!? Wait a second... that wall felt...soft.
You look up to see the icy blue stare of Ludwig. "Are you alright, frau?" he asked and helped you up.

"I-I'm fine." you stuttered covering your nose.

"Are you sure? Vhy are you covering your nose?" he tries to move your hand away.

"It's nothing to worry about!" you bow an apology. "I'm sorry for running into you. Um.. Got to run!" you bolt for the club room leaving a very shocked German standing awkwardly in the hallway.

You threw open the club room's door and exclaimed, "Sorry I'm late everyone!"

They all turn to you and started laughing super. Bella even fell out of her seat and started rolling on the hard wood floor.

You gave them a weird look. "What's so funny?"

Lily tried to control herself and said, "Y-Your face is red and your nose is b-bleeding." she let out loud laugh. She could not hold it in anymore.

"Eh?" you slowly brought your fingers up to your nose and felt the warm red liquid trickle down your finger. "I'M BLEEDING!?" you screamed. Bella just laughed harder. "Bella! You are not helping!"

"I'm sorry (name)! you just look so - pfft! HAHAHA!!' Bella falls into another laughing fit.  

Elizaveta sighs. She was the first to calm down. She walks up to you with a tissue. "you should be more careful, (name). We have a show soon and you almost ruined clothes." she wipes all the blood off you.

"Thanks Elizaveta...." you mumbled.

Mei giggles, "Speaking of the show..." she reaches her bag and pulls out a pad of paper.

You paled, "Don't tell me.."

She gave a big grin. "I present to you the lyrics for our new song!" She slapped the papers in your face with a loud whap.

You grabbed the papers and read through them. Instantly, your face becomes beat red. Mei just gives you her cute grin.


"Yes?" she answers still grinning.

""Why do these lyrics sound like they...they were meant for..."

"Haha! Thanks to me big brother Kiku's advice, I was able to make a song for you to sing to Ludwig!" She stood like she won some sort of award.

Lily then noticed a dark aura coming from you. "Um...Mei.." she whispered.

"Yeah? What's up, Lily?" Mei answered, totally oblivious to the evil aura.



"Mei!!! I'm going to kill you!!!" you screamed. You started chasing her around the room screaming bloody murder.

Lily giggled and Elizaveta sighed. "I got this." she said. Elizaveta went to her bag and brought out her trusty frying pan that she brought everywhere she went.

Two hard whacks later and you and Mei were KO'd. "Now can we please get some practice done!?" she commanded.

"Yes ma'am..." you both muttered into the ground.

You picked each other off the floor and finally got your instruments out. You brought out your (f/c) fender guitar and Mei got her keyboard out and tuned. Lily took out her cute light pink electric guitar, Elizaveta got out her black bass guitar, and Bella crawled up to her drum set. Bella was finally over her laughing fit.

You tuned your guitar and looked at the lyrics Mei made for you. They do go with the tune, but it was still embarrassing.

You let out a sigh, "Okay Bella! Start us up girl!"

Bella grinned. "Alright! 1, 2, 3!!" and you all started practice. This time around, it was the lyrics.

(Time skip! Heading home time!)

"Okay! Bye guys!" you said with a smile. Practice was over and the big show was in two weeks. You were scared knowing that Ludwig will be watching, but it's a chance you have to take. You have been preparing for this for months after all.

You were humming the new song and wondered home. The thought of your band being the only girl group performing made your stomach leap a bit. It is a bit scary, bu what could go wrong?

Then suddenly, you heard something from the other building. You peaked around to see Ludwig with Mei's older brother and your Italian friend Feliciano. They seemed to be arguing about something. Mei's brother had a guitar case on his back just like you.

"What are they up to?" you whispered to yourself.

They seemed to be going somewhere. Upon closer inspection, Ludwig's back pocket (you were not being pervy) were a pair of drumsticks.

Your eyes widened. "They couldn't be, could they?" you whispered in shock. Could be Ludwig be your competition?

(Time Skip! To the performance!)

It was finally the big school festival. The halls were filled with decorations and the classrooms were bustling with students doing things like cafes, haunted houses, fortune telling booths, and snack shops. In the gym there was the stage being set up for the different bands performances. There were only three bands performing. The first band was called the Bad Touch Trio led by Ludwig's older brother Gilbert, second was Ludwig's band called the Axis, and the third band was your band called (insert band name). Luckily, you were the last to perform so you had loads of time to prepare. There was a reason why you wanted to be last. The reason being...

"Who let Mei be in charge of costumes!?" you screamed. You were all in maid outfits. Yours was (f/c) with (2nd f/c) frills on the edges. Elizaveta's was green with white frills which she preferred, Lily's was a rustic pink with dark blue frills, Bella's was a light yellow with black frills, and Mei's was pink and with gold frills. They looked nice and they went down to about knee length for everyone's except yours. Yours was a half inch shorter than everyone else's.

You were worried how Ludwig will react to this. You barely wore this type of clothes outside.

Then from another practice room, you heard Feliciano saying, "Ve~ Ludwig! Do you think the bellas will be better than us?"

You heard Ludwig sigh, "I really do not know, Feliciano. Zhe have (name) after all..."

"Ve~ do you like the bella?" You froze. Should you really be listening to this now?

"J-Ja..I do actually.." Ludwig said just above a whisper.

You heard it. You heard every word. You wanted to do a happy dance! Ludwig likes you! LIKES YOU!! Could this day get any better!?

Then you hear Mei's older brother Kiku's voice. "I see... They are our competition though, Rudwig-san. Prus my imouto is with them. This wirr not be easy."

You immediately bolted to the practice room and tried to calm down. Now your face is red before the perforce! Get a grip (name) and breathe.

"Are you okay (name)?" lily asked from behind.

You jumped like a cat. "Lily!? You scared me!" you were hyperventilating at this point.

"I'm sorry..." she played with her skirt. "I just wanted to know why your is so red.."

You gave her a small smile. "I'm just bit nervous, Lily. Nothing to worry about. This will be our first time on stage after all."

She nods. "Let's go through the song one more time before hand okay?"


You sat through the other two groups performances to listen what they can do. That Overflowing Passion song the Bad Touch Trio performed was pretty good. Gilbert's voice is rather...unique after all.

Ludwig's group was great. He was on drums, Kiku was on bass, and Feli was on guitar. Their song was well played and nice to the ears. Defiantly hard to be.

Then the EMC came on stage and your band quickly left to prepare. You heard him say "Weren't they great folks!?" The crowd screamed in sheer approval. "Alright! Behind this curtain is hiding our last band! Once they set up, this curtain will open and blow us all away!" The crows cheered.

Behind the curtain was your group scurrying like mice everywhere. Mei and Bella even collided with each other a few times. It was utter chaos. You didn't know if you would even survive on stage.

Finally after a few more collisions and mad whispering, the stage was set for your performance. You gave the EMC the okay and slowly, the red curtain opened revealing your band in full costume.

There was cheering and good lucks. Mei nodded toward you to speak into the mic.  

With a deep breath you said, "Hi everyone! How are you!?" the crowd responded with loud cheering. "Sounds like everyone is good." you flashed a bright smile. "Anyways, we are (insert band name) and we are here to blow you all away!"

You stepped off the mic a little and waited for Bella. She brought her drum sticks up and exclaimed, "1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3!" With that as your cue, you started to the beginning chord. Soon, the whole band joined in then you sang.

"Every time I look at you my heart goes thump thump
My feelings wobble like a marshmallow fluff fluff
You are always hard working
You never notice me
Watching your face so intently" you glanced in Ludwig's direction and you noticed the light pink in his cheeks.

You continued, "And only in my dreams
we can ever
get close to each other." You took in a quick breath.

"Ah, God please grant us some
Dream Time
Just the two of us together
Holding my favorite bunny tight
I go to sleep again tonight
Fluff Fluff Time
(Fluff Fluff Time)
Fluff Fluff Time
(Fluff Fluff Time)
Fluff Fluff Time
(Fluff Fluff Time)"

Then you all ended it in style. You tried to regain your breath until the crowd cheered the loudest you ever heard!

You wore a giant grin and exclaimed, "Thank you everyone!" you bowed with the rest of your band and left the stage, but the stage had other plans.

You were the last to leave the stage and your foot was snagged on a stray chord. You made a giant face plant in front of everyone, and the crowd say everything.

"Owie..." You said until you say the pale faces of your band mates. "What's wrong..." you look behind you to hear clicking of camera. They saw your (f/c0 (2nd f/c) panties.

Tears brimmed your eyes as you screamed, "WHY ME!?" You ran off the stage and passed your friends. Your face was beat red and you did not see or care where you were going. Suddenly, you slammed into a wall again.
"Ow..not again..." you rubbed your pounding head and looked up.

Ludwig was standing there yet again.

Your face became fifty times more red if that was even possible at this point. Of all the people to run into! couldn't it just be Kiku or Feli!? But no! It has to be your major crush!

You look down at the ground. "H-Hi Ludwig...' you say barrely above a whisper.

He bent down beside you and put his arms around you, trying to comfort you. "Vhy did you run off like zhat, frau? Your performance vas great." he said in a calming tone.

You didn't lift your head because tears were starting to well up in you (e/c) orbs. You just wanted to curl in a corner now.

You heard him sigh. "'s okay... Please, look at me." he brushes some of your (h/l) (h/c) locks from your fac. When you lifted your head he caressed your cheek softly. "Zhat's better. I hate seeing you sad."

You look away from him, "I just can't believe I had to trip of all people... I even had the shortest dress than the others... Everything was perfect until that moment.... Why am I so unlucky..."

He held you close. "It's fine, frau. Zhings like zhat happen all Zhe time." He looks at you straight in the eye. "And I know zhat song vas meant for me."

You now felt faint. Was it that obvious?! You panicked, "I-I um...well..."

"(Name)" he held your chin. His face was growing redder and redder. "Ich liebe dich" he said.  

You racked your brain from all the German you knew until it clicked like a light bulb in your head. He loved you.

You smiled and used all your knowledge to say, "Ich liebe dich Ludwig." Then you were pulled into a sweet kiss. It was as if the whole world stopped. This was the best feeling you have ever felt.

Both of you pulled away because of the need for oxygen. You were panting slightly and your face was practically the shade of a tomato. "L-Let's head back now...I left everyone after all."


You both headed toward the stage, hand-in-hand with your new German boyfriend.
This is my first reader insert ever! I hope it is good and since it is my first tell me if I did anything wrong. Your comments will help me a bunch! I hope you all like it!!! i do not own the characters or the song in this fan fic fyi

edit: omgbbq thank you! i cannot believe i got 1,000 views! thanks everyone!
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